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Learning Quran class 2024


Learning Qur’an class 2024 ie online Qur’an education system This method is a popular method of the present era through which small children are taught the Qur’an at home. So Learning Quran class 2024 or online Quran learning courses can be your reliable means of learning Quran.

1. Learning Quran class 2024 What?

To put it simply,Learning Quran class 2024 s an online business of learning Quran for men and women. By following this method, you or your child will have no problem in learning the basic teachings of Islam as well as your other teachings easily.

2. Learning Quran class What is the education system?

Learning Quran classes or online Quran education is the method We will teach your child Quran 50/60 separately through Skype at any time, Inshallah, any student can read Quran easily, InshaAllah.

3. What is our content?

You will be happy to know that Learning Quran class 2024 covers every student to teach masnoon dua to teach six kalima namaz masyaal masail. Memorize at least 15/20 Surahs Ampara Quran Sharif Najira with Tajweed and Makhraj Rules of Janazah Prayer Ten Hadiths Brief History of Islam


So let’s educate ourselves and our families in the teachings of Islam in this age of fitna and make our lives successful. May Allah bless us all, Ameen Assalamualaikum.

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