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Learn Quran BD 24

Learn Quran BD 24 is the trusted online Quran learning tool .This institution of ours can be your trusted source of Quran learning. You can freely teach your child Quran in this institution.

Learn Quran BD 24

2. Why Qur’an education is necessary for Muslims.


We are Muslims and our Holy Book is Al-Qur’an which Allah Almighty revealed to our Prophet the Best Prophet the Last Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam For the guidance of people so that people return from darkness to light.So until you can read the Qur’an, you cannot understand the Qur’an, until you have the knowledge of the Qur’an, you cannot be a complete Muslim. The point to be followed is that for the purity of the prayer and the purity of the prayer it is necessary to first of all be pure in reciting the Qur’an Sharif.If you pray all your life without the Qur’an Sharif pure, you will not pray. There are two types of mistakes in the Qur’an Sharif, one is a major mistake and the other is a minor mistake. Prayers are not lost due to small ones But due to big mistakes your namaz will be ruined so let’s learn Quran by joining Learn Quran BD 24

3. Learning method of easy quran learning bd


Learn Quran BD 24 The way in which Quran Sharif is taught to young children and old men and women in this institution is to arrange separate classes for each student.Learn Quran BD 24’s Own Noorani Qaida Ampara Masnun Dua Namazer Masa’il Masa’il Qur’an Sharif Najera Memorizing Essential Surahs Tajwid and Makhraj Teaching Quran Sharif Reading System with Tajbir Makhraj So Learn Quran BD can be your trusted company

Learn Quran BD 24
Learn Quran BD 24


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