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‘Easy online quran learning center 24


welcome to easy online quran leaning center i hope you are well by the grace of Allah.You will be happy to know that‘Easy online quran learning center 24  A reliable institution suitable for learning Quran online.Especially our expatriate brothers and sisters who live in London, America, Italy, Australia, Canada, Europe, America and the Middle East This is our effort for them and their children Inshallah you can trust in us by trusting in Allah  Easy Online Quran Learnin centerwill teach you or your child the fundamentals of Islam in a short time Inshallah.

1. Services of‘Easy online quran learning center 24

Six Kalima. Masnun Dua. Prayer Basics. Hadith. Ninety Nine Names of Allah. Ampara. Qur’an Sharif with Noorani Qaida. Tajwid Najira Qur’an Sharif. Memorization of Qur’an Sharif with Tafseer Various related topics We will teach.

2. ‘Easy Online Quran Learning Center’s Class System

We take classes on Skype for beautiful and transparent teaching Separate classes are arranged for each student Two days three days four days five days a week according to your convenience This is the class system of‘Easy online quran learning center 24

'Easy online quran learning center 24
‘Easy online quran learning center 24


Finally, let’s say this much in this age of strife, let us learn the Quran and build our lives according to the Quran and raise our children as real people through religious education.Thanks for staying with ‘Easy online quran learning center 24  Jazakallah

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