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“Qur’an Learning” in Noorani method 2023

“Qur’an Learning” in Noorani method

(1) What is the “Qur’an Learning” course in Noorani method?

Teaching the “Qur’an Learning” in Noorani method is one of the latest and advanced teaching methods of the present age. Noorani “Quran Learning” Methodology It is a 3 year course

(2) Norani “Quran Learning”method What do we teach?

(1) Complete Noorani Qaida with Tajwid
(2) Complete Noorani Ampara with Tajwid
(3) Complete Noorani “Quran Learning” with Tajwid
(4) Important Surahs and Verses of Quran Sharif
(5) All necessary prayers in daily life

(6) The basics of prayer
(7) Prayer is also necessary
(8) Six Kalima
(9) 20 hadith
(10) History of Islam
(11) With the rules of funeral prayers

(3) Norani “Quran Learning”method Its class system.

** Every student has a different class And every student 50 minutes in a week two days three days four days or five days as per your convenience subject to discussion.

(4) Norani “Quran Learning”metho

  • You will be happy to know that we don’t have any fee set for this education course as it is a service of Quran so whatever you decide from your position is enough Alhamdulillah.So Quran Learning Method can be your Quran learning partner and your beloved child’s daily learning medium so without delay register today on Quran Learning


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